When is GTA 6 coming out?

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Grand Theft Auto 6 or GTA 6 is currently in development by Rockstar Games and will be released by publisher Take-Two Interactive on PlayStation 5, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Two, and next-generation gaming consoles as yet unnamed by their manufacturers which are speculated to be the successors of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively.

An official release date has not been announced. As the game has not yet been announced it is currently unknown if it will be set in the same fictional state of San Andreas as its predecessors or a different location entirely; however, unlike previous entries, GTA 6 will have both single-player and multiplayer modes.

PS 5 Leaks

As we know, Sony has not officially announced a PS 5 yet. The rumor mill has been churning, though, and recently it seems like they’re gearing up for an official announcement. When that happens, we’ll have to wait and see how many leaked details are correct (hint: don’t put much stock in leaked details).

Until then, our best bet is to speculate! One of those fun speculations involves comparing GTA 6 and GTA V release dates to what might happen with a PS 5 release date.

Some GTA leaks suggest that a new game could be launching around 2022—which some belief will be about when a new PS console would launch as well.

But why can’t Sony just let their games run on top of their consoles and make incremental hardware improvements as needed? It’s because game publishers want to sell more copies, which means releasing every three years instead of four or five. So when GTA 6 releases around 2022, perhaps we’ll also get word on a next-gen PlayStation console at roughly around the same time.


When Is It Releasing? The GTA games aren’t known for setting release dates. In fact, with each new installment in Rockstar’s popular franchise, fans become even more obsessed with when we can expect to see GTA 6 release on PS 5 and Xbox 2 (or whatever the next-gen consoles are called).

Unfortunately, it looks like we have quite a wait ahead of us. But if you can’t wait any longer and want to get your hands on GTA 6 right now, follow our guide below to see how long you should expect to wait until your favorite video game franchise releases its next installment!

We’ll be taking advantage of some cool hints that have been revealed over time to paint a clearer picture of what you can expect from Grand Theft Auto 6.

Take note: don’t forget about Grand Theft Auto Online, which serves as an open world that lets players create their own jobs through cooperative or competitive gameplay.

Some people might not realize that it actually launched three months before Grand Theft Auto V did, so try not to miss out on it just because everyone has been obsessing over single-player missions!

Release Date Predictions

There’s no official release date for GTA 6 yet, but there are plenty of speculations about when it might be released. It’s most likely going to be at least two years away, possibly longer.

A few reasons why: One of Rockstar’s trademarks has been long development cycles, and it doesn’t appear to have changed with Red Dead Redemption 2, which came three years after Grand Theft Auto 5.

In fact, in an interview with Forbes, Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser said that moving forward they will take a much longer view on games’ release dates. Do you think we’re kidding? We’re not going to announce anything until we’re ready.

We get criticized for taking too long…and then we get criticized for rushing things, so I think we’re done with announcing anything.

While you wait to hear more details about GTA 6’s release date, check out our list of predictions as well as updates on news regarding rumored locations below.

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